Fitting ski boots is a process where the ski boot which is optimally suited to your skiing style is perfectly fitted to the anatomy of your feet: analysis, prototyping, made-to-measure manufacture, fine-tuning, and foaming.

Strolz skiboots consultation


Each foot is unique. And that is precisely the advantage of Strolz ski boots: they are perfectly fitted to your feet. The individual foot analysis is made during a consultation with one of our trained staff. We take all the time needed for finding the perfect ski boot for you, and we start with the physical measurements (age, weight and height) and your skiing experience. During the consultation we will also address accidents you might have had and any orthopaedic particularities you have.

Strolz skiboots foot and gait analysis

Foot and Gait Analysis

In the next step, we measure your feet. For about 30 minutes, a scanner analyses your feet, measuring your shoe size in Mondo Points. This foot analysis also determines whether you will need an insole. The ten minutes’ gait analysis measures the pressure on the soles of your feet. From this, the exact shape of your insoles is determined. Once foot and gait analysis are completed, we will make an appointment for the second part of your ski boot fitting.

Strolz skiboots wooden model

Prototyping and External Shell

While you enjoy the rest of your day, it’s all systems go in our workshop. Based on the scan data, we use all our fine skills to fashion a unique wooden model of your foot which we line and fine-tune with cork. Using this model, the ski boot shell is precisely adapted to your foot. The “wooden foot” is inserted in the ski boot’s outer shell, heated up for one hour and then deep-frozen for 30 minutes. This way, the outer shoe perfectly moulds itself to your “wooden foot model”.

Strolz skiboots hand-sewn inner shoe

Made-to-measure Inner Shoe

We only use selected genuine cowhide for the inner shoe. It perfectly clings to your foot, enabling maximum fit and comfort. Leather is ideal for elasticity and durability. In our established tradition, the inner shoes are 100% hand-sewn. Using the techniques of the traditional craft of shoemaking, we fit the inner shoe exactly to the measurements of your shoe size and foot shape.

Foaming and Finalising

Strolz skiboots foaming and finalising

Now you are involved live in the process again. First of all, all those parts of your foot which need some scope for movement are padded with foam rubber in order to avoid “pressure sores”. Foaming, the final part of fine-tuning, lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. After a recommended drying period of 12 hours, you can test your perfectly fitting one-off ski boots on the piste. They will give you optimum comfort for even more fun during skiing through the optimum power transfer to your skis.