In spite of the use of state-of-the-art technology, Strolz ski boots are almost 100 per cent hand-crafted. When manufacturing these boots, Strolz follow their philosophy: as with watch manufactories, every part comes from Strolz and from regional partners. For generations, the Strolz team and the Strolz partners have adhered to the same top quality standards. And no matter what part: they are all developed and manufactured hand in hand through team work. By people who have often been working together for decades and have been making perfect ski boots with their handed-down craft skills.

Strolz skiboots shell

The Shell – the Art of Designing the Shape

Making moulds for injection moulding involves major investment. Nevertheless, this step in the manufacturing process is also carried out in-house. Strolz are proud of their own know-how and their own technology: this is the only way to keep extremely high standards, and to really supply Strolz customers with the best ski boot. Strolz ski boots are the world’s only ski boots manufactured right in the middle of a skiing region – one hundred per cent Austrian quality products.

Strolz skiboots inner shoe

The Inner Shoe – a Second Skin

The inner shoes for Strolz ski boots are completely made from leather. Leather, because it is a natural product which will adapt best to individual foot shapes and outer shells when the boot is foamed. Leather for Strolz boots is checked and selected by hand. Only perfectly processed cowhide is good enough for Strolz inner shoes. The basic inner shoes are elaborately fashioned, sewn by skilled staff from about 70 individual parts which have been punched from the leather. The shaft is then pulled around the wooden last and given its three-dimensional shape.

Strolz skiboots made-to-measure

Made-to-measure – One-off

The pre-fashioned parts “shell”, “inner shoe” and small parts such as buckles, brackets and cables for fine-tuning are then made into individual made-to-measure ski boots in the bespoke ski boot workshop (ski boot fitting).


Every ski boot is completely hand-crafted. Your skiing will be easier and better, the closer your ski boot is adapted to the anatomy of your foot, and that is only possible if it is made to measure. Every STROLZ SKI BOOT is a one-off fitted exactly to your foot. Fitting it requires craft skills, sensitivity and a lot of experience.