How many appointments should I schedule for the manufacture of my Strolz ski boots?

Generally, two appointments are necessary: 

  1. the measurement appointment (duration about 30 minutes)

  2. the foaming appointment (duration about 60 minutes).


If your measuring appointment is in the morning, the foaming appointment can be scheduled for the same day. So your boots will be manufactured within a day. You should make the appointments at least 48 hours beforehand. Any fine adjustments will be free of charge, and can be done without an appointment.


Can I use the boots immediately?

After foaming, the ski boots should harden at room temperature for at least 12 hours. Then they are completely ready for use.


Which sizes are available?

Depending on the model, sizes between 36.5 and 48 are available. The scale is divided into half-sizes.


Will my new ski boots be suitable for the settings on my bindings?

In order to ensure your complete safety, we will always carefully adjust the settings on your bindings for your new boots. We therefore recommend that you bring along your skis to the second appointment (foaming appointment).


Can I choose the colour of my Strolz ski boots?

In the Strolz ski boot family, every model has a predetermined colour. From Evolution to Racing, each boot has its special characteristics, hence also its individual design.

Are there different inserts for the ski boots?

There is a choice of three different inserts: 

  1. standard inserts

  2. thermoformed inserts

  3. milled inserts


We will help you to work out which is the right insert for you. After assessing your foot position and thoroughly analysing your foot measurements, one of our top-trained members of staff will advise you.


How do I fasten my ski board properly?

Because of the compact foamed inner shoe, you should fasten the buckles very tightly at the beginning of the skiing day. You can of course adjust this setting in the course of the day. What is important, is that the shell retains its original shape.


How can I easily take out and reinsert the inner shoe?

Sequence of explanatory images planned.

Hint: when inserting or taking out the inner shoe, keep its tongue pressed down! 


What is the best care for my Strolz ski boots?

After each skiing holiday, take out the inner shoes and dry at room temperature. If necessary, you can also grease the inner shoes with high-quality dubbin.


How do I correctly store my Strolz ski boots during the summer?

Store your ski boots with dry inner shoes and lightly fastened buckles.


When do my ski boots need servicing, and what exactly does this consist of?

Your Strolz ski boots should be serviced once per season. Hand them in to us overnight for this purpose. The service comprises thorough cleaning of the shells and inner shoes, greasing the inner shoes with high-quality dubbin, and disinfecting the shoes. In addition, worn down heels and defective buckles are replaced. Your first service is free of charge; you will be given a voucher for this when buying your boots. Any further service will cost 49 Euros.

What are the signs that my ski boots’ heels are worn down?

The heels must never be worn down right through to the shell.


Where can I get a voucher for Strolz ski boots? 

You can get our Strolz ski boot voucher in all Strolz subsidiaries, order it by phone on +43 5583 2361 or by email at When ordering by telephone, please have your credit card number ready. You can also order your voucher online on our website.

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