Just under 100 years ago, it all started in a tiny workshop. Today Strolz ski boots, completely manufactured by hand, are legendary and world famous. We have always purchased all our materials from regional producers. Small injection-moulded parts and screw elements come from Germany, the buckles are specially made for us in Italy. Apart from that everything is “Made in Austria”, nowadays an absolute luxury. The shell is moulded and produced in Langen am Arlberg, 15 minutes by car from Lech. It is then adapted to each individual foot with anatomical precision, widened, tightened and brought into shape using wooden lasts, cork and leather. The inner shoe (manufactured and shaped in neighbouring Lechtal from finest Nappa cowhide, combined with merino wool) snuggles close to the foot creating an ideal shoe climate. The inner shoe inserts are adapted perfectly both to skiing and walking shoes using state-of-the-art technology and the latest software. The inserts are produced locally.


With this shoe we can do anything, apart from making it possible to put your right foot in the left boot or vice versa. From normal foot shape to fallen arches, exotosis of the ankle, adaptation of the width at the forefoot or heel – from our almost 100 years of experience we know: the Strolz ski boot is a personality. The ideal companion for skiers. Our expert craftsmanship, our knowledge of the anatomy of the foot in particular and the body in general are what make this shoe so unique in its fit and wearing comfort. Due to the sensomotoric embedding of the foot, skiers will manage the best possible transfer of their skills via a ski boot made especially for them.

When it comes to sustainability, the Strolz ski boot has an excellent performance. Due to our regional manufacture, we make a contribution to reducing the carbon footprint– small if seen from a worldwide perspective, but important for us. We drastically reduce transport routes, promote crafts and thus help to create many jobs in our region. Our made-to-measure shoe will still be in use in 10 years’ time. It is only then that you are advised to exchange it for another for stability reasons. STROLZ SKI BOOT - Made by us for you!